Développement Énergie Renouvelable Afrique inc. develops hydroelectric and solar renewable energy power plants in Africa. We carry out projects that are coherent with the local communities and friendly to the environment in which they are located. We aim for value creation where we are and strive for everyone to have access to clean and stable energy.

Our vision is to develop a portfolio of renewable energy projects with very high value for private investors.

At the heart of our business

  • Projects in development:
    • Guinea: 3 hydroelectric projects - 80 MW
    • Democratic Republic of Congo: 1 solar photovoltaic project - 50 MW
  • Recent consulting services:
    • Togo: Evaluation of the hydroelectric potential of 10 sites
    • Guinea: Pre-development studies of 6 hydroelectric sites
  • Site in operation:
    • Albania: 1 hydroelectric site - 8 MW

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